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Airport Car Parking

Parking at the airports in Cyprus can be a frustrating job, but at the same time unreliable and expensive. Most airports does not guard their parking spaces neither they install any security equipment like cameras in that places. The number Read More →

Cyprus Citizenship by Exemption

Council of Ministers Decision dated 10/10/2011

Criteria and Conditions for Naturalization of Foreign Investors/ Entrepreneurs by Exemption on Basis of para. 2(f) of the Third Schedule of the Civil Registry Laws 2002 - 2011


China Cyprus Relations

It is often said that opposites attract, and there is no better proof of this than the flourishing business relationship that exists between China and Cyprus. Situated half a world apart, China is more than a thousand times bigger than Cyprus, Read More →

Cyprus Immigration Permit

Granting of immigration permit to third country nationals under certain income criteria and the expedite procedure for applicants who acquire residence in Cyprus for private use A. INTRODUCTION This document provides information on the process which must be followed by third Read More →

Civil Marriages Procedures in Cyprus (Municipality)

After you take all the necessary document from the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD) [read here about this] you need to visit the municipality where your marriage will be executed. A great Read More →

Civil Marriages Procedures in Cyprus (Migration Department)

The non-marriage certificate is issued by the Civil Registry and Migration Department by submitting the following documents and payment of the relevant fee. For the issue of the above mentioned certificate it is necessary that applicants appear personally Read More →