The Castle of Saint Ilarionas

The castle is named, not after St. Hilarion the Great, the founder of monasticism in Palestine who died near Paphos about A.D. 371, but after a later saint, of whom little is known. He is counted among the Read More →

The Castle of Paphos

The castle of Paphos (Pafos Castle) located at the harbour of the city, was a part of the coastal defence system of Cyprus. It was originally built as a Byzantine fort to protect the harbour and rebuilt by the Lusignians Read More →

The Castle of Limassol

The Castle of Limassol (Lemesos Castle) as it appears today A is a structure rebuilt under the Turkish domination (19th century). The architectural features of a much more extended Medieval Museum have been included. The oldest report on the existence of Read More →

The Castle of Kyrenia

Kyrenia Castle - The Venetian Tower The castle which lies to the north - east of Kyrenia dominates the harbour and is built on the tetragonal form. It is first referred to by ancient sources in the year 1191 A.D. When the Read More →

The Castle of Kolossi

In the heart of the richest valley in the south of Cyprus, western the environs of the city of Limassol, comes up one of the most important forts of the Medieval Cyprus, photo 2, that is the famous Kolossi Castle. Read More →

The Castle of Kantara

Kantara, is situated at the Eastern end of the Kyrenia Range (2,068 ft.). It is 26 miles North of Famagusta reached via Iskele and Ardahan villages. The castle is 2 miles east of the summer resort which is also called Read More →