Agia Napa

Ayia Napa, located southeast of the islands coast, is reputable for its tourist resort all over Europe. It is one of Cyprus’s most popular beach resorts. Normally the little village has less than 1000 inhabitants, but during summer season it hosts more than 10.000 tourists per day. The beaches are awesome with thin and fine sand, hidden among a chain of rocky boulders that form many small and cosy bays. The main centre of the district is Paralimni, 3 miles north of Ayia Napa itself. East of the village is Protaras, known for its lively nightlife and partyful people.

Just in the centre of Ayia Napa you ‘ll find  a spectacular monastery at the entrance of an old fig tree. In the court an octagonal fountain which has on its base the founder of the monastery  a woman’s portrait as well as her mother and father whom they have forbidden her to marry.

Ayia Napa has cleaned up it’s alternative Ibiza reputation recently and is now much more family orientated.

The nightlife and entertainment is like no other in ayia napa, it has clubs that has music to suit everyones taste, being honest ayia napa is NOT for the faint hearted, or anybody wanting a quiet holiday.  Ayia napa is always busy and packed with clubs and pubs streching a mile long.

Most people say its NOT a place for kids but it depends what kind of parents you are and it also depends on how old your kids are,  babies(not suited)

One of the best pubs in ayia napa is called the bedrock inn and its based on the theme of the flintstones i suggest you give it a visit especially if you’ve got kids, the staff are dressed as cavemen, they serve food and they are the best karaoke bar in ayia napa. On the downside kids are asked to leave at 11pm

Also check out the castle club, its the biggest club in ayia napa with 3 rooms that play different music and have a relaxation room when you get tired what more could you want…..


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