Mass Media

The press in Cyprus is a free and independent institution and is not subject to intervention or control by any state authority.

The freedom of the press is enshrined in the Cyprus Republic's constitution which stipulates: «Every person has the Read More →

How to travel to Cyprus

Cyprus is one the most famous tourist attractions in the Mediterranean and as result of it there are a lot of options to get there. First - a cheap flight from almost every big European city, and especially from Britain, Read More →

Euro in Cyprus

Following Cyprus accession to the EU, on 1st May 2004, the government of the Republic of Cyprus undertook the obligation to join the Economic and Monetary Union and to adopt the euro as soon as the necessary requirements are fulfilled. The Read More →

Banks in Cyprus

Economy introduction

As a full member of the European Union, Cyprus is successfully meeting the challenge of being part of the enlarged European family.  The island's economy is characterised by robustness and macroeconomic stability, which is evidenced by the Read More →


The Troodos mountains are located in the center of the Greek part of the islands. They are covering most of the central mass of Cyprus and their green slopes, dotted with tiny villages, the forest paths, the cool weather and, Read More →

Polis Chrysochous

Polis - the new destination for quality tourism in Cyprus. Polis Chrysochous is becoming the new destination offering quality and special interest tourism in Cyprus. Polis is located North West of the region of Pafos at a 30 minute distance from Read More →