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Fun and Adventure

The natural features of Cyprus create a vast range of sports and activities to choose from. The Cyprus mountains are favourite hiking and mountain biking destinations. The Cyprus Tourism Organisation publishes excellent free maps and guides in English, German and Read More →

History & Culture

Cypriot history and culture is among the oldest in the Mediterranean. By 3700 BC the island was well-inhabited and a crossroads between East and West. From the 11th Century BC onwards, Cyprus exhibited an essentially Greek culture.¬† The heritage of Read More →

Eco & Nature

Europe Vacation Rentals Enjoy your holiday¬†rentals during your stay with Whatever the season Cyprus never disappoints nature lovers. The mild climate allows visitors to enjoy the unique flora and fauna of this east Mediterranean island all year round. Read More →

Cyprus Rally

The first rallies in Cyprus were nothing like we see today. A cross between a race and a reliability trial, where the overriding problem was whether the cars would be capable of getting to the finish, is the best description. Read More →

The Castle of Saint Ilarionas

The castle is named, not after St. Hilarion the Great, the founder of monasticism in Palestine who died near Paphos about A.D. 371, but after a later saint, of whom little is known. He is counted among the Read More →

The Castle of Paphos

The castle of Paphos (Pafos Castle) located at the harbour of the city, was a part of the coastal defence system of Cyprus. It was originally built as a Byzantine fort to protect the harbour and rebuilt by the Lusignians Read More →